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For those of you that already know me, this section is irrelevant. For those of you who don’t, I am a 25 year old administrative assistant who is wasting her talent pushing papers. In this blog I intend on documenting my life. I am at a critical point in my life, trying to make it on my own, struggling to find my identity. What better way to do this then to share everything through my perspective. I live on a farm in PA, with my boyfriend. Since I moved there I have found parts of me that truly were lost after going to college. I am in fact a hometown girl that was lost in the big city. Now I am back in my hometown and I have been here about 3 years now. I love the quiet and the feeling I get when I see a long lost (but not forgotten) friend. I am becoming an adult and this transformation is truly scary. SO come with me on this journey. I am sure we will laugh and cry. Either way, I can’t wait.

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Unique Gift List

With Mother and Father’s Day both here. I have been internet searching for the perfect
gifts. I handmade my mom a quilt, however, I don’t think my dad would want a quilt.
I have searched and searched and searched. Some people may think Fathers Day is just
another day you have to go and buy a card, however….not the case. This is the one day
of the year our fathers should get a special gift. My Dad is super hard to buy for, not
because he has everything but because he says, “I don’t need anything,” well, I don’t
know about you, but I want to do nice things for him. For the past many years I have just
made something for him. Well, its time I spend some of my hard earned money on him.
Anyway I have compiled a list of great unique gifts that I came across in my search. Here
it is.Hopefully you find this useful.

For the Musician…

Create your own Picks from something you already love.


For the Gardener…

Chalkboard Metal Garden Markers - 5

These Unique Garden Markers are perfect because you can erase and change each season.


For the Animal Lover….

SMALL Dog or Cat Nose Print - Customized in Pure Silver with a Sterling Silver Chain

A custom Nose Print Necklace, It takes a little work on your end, but I definitely need
one of these.


For the Nature Lover…

Compass in Wood for Walking Stick or Pocket Scouts Hiking Camping Survival

Everyone can use a compass. This one is handmade and only $14.50


For the Chef in the family…

Herb Garden Kit-- Herb Seeds Herb Pots

Now they can create even more delicious food by growing there own herbs at


For the Photography Lover…

You’re your Instagram pictures into a cute magnets for the fridge


For the Car Lover…

Auto Timing Gear Wall Clock


Till next time, stay classy,

Ally Lynn


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