Thursday, May 17, 2012

DIY Dog Bed

So in light of my new family member I decided he needed a really cozy place of his own. I was at Joann Fabric and found this great nutmeg colored velvet in the red tag section. I got 2 yards and I have had it setting in my sewing room for the past 3 months. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to use it for. Well Eureka!

I was at the pet store getting some new supplies for the puppy and some of the dog beds were ranging from $30 and up. I couldnt believe it.

So here is my version. It is super simple and you can use things that are in your house.

Things you will need.

-Pillow form, any size you want, I used a standard queen size pillow from one of the spare bedrooms
-sewing machine and all necesary accesories (thread, scissors, pins, etc.)
-fabric of your choice (in general, unless you have a large large dog and you are planning on making a huge bed, you will only need 1 yard of fabric.)

Standard Size pillow are 32" x 21", therefore you will need to cut 2 piece of fabric with a 1/2" seam allowance. Once you have those cut, you will need to cut the back rest piece. So the length will cover 3 of the 4 sides, equalling 75" and the height of the back rest can be whatever size you choose. I used 6". therefor I cut 2 pieces 75" x 6".

Once you have all the pieces cut it is time to sew. First start by sewing the pillow cover with right sides together, leaving one of the four sides open to insert the pillow. I chose to leave open one of the lengthiest sides for easier manuvering. Then sew together the backrest leaving both 6 inch sides open. At this point you are half way done. Here comes the tricky part. Now it is time to sew both pieces, the pillow cover and the back rest, together. Flip your pillow cover so that the wrong sides are now together. Same with the backrest, the ultimate goal is to sew both pieces together without sewing shut the openings. Below is a picture to better understand. Hopefully it helps, its really not a good picture.

Once you have that done insert your pillow, and fill the back rest with polyfil, aka stuffing. I left the pillow cover open so that when it comes time to wash this beautiful dog bed it doesnt take up the whole washing machine. Then simply gather and sew the ends of the back rest to keep any polyfil from coming out. Voila! Brand new dog bed that I actually like.

I know I did a good job  cause sometimes I even
catch this beautiful girl  taking a nap
in Duke's Window. 

*JoAnn's has a great section called Red Tag fabric. I periodically just go to see what is there. It serves me well most of the time, allows me to find fantastic fabric at an unbelievably low price.

So there you have it.....I have lots more stuff coming. Just a few technical problems the past 2 weeks.

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